The cry of the flowers

Withered flowers
covered the field
Nature remained
to regret ..

Today no one
do not extend your hand
to pick a flower
for your beloved ..

The sky is dark ..
Without any stars
scatter the rays …

Through empty souls
only the desert
remained in which the sound
is heard of silence …

Like in a fairy
tale with an evil queen,
with a magic wand
he has put them all to sleep …

There is no one to hear him
the echo of silence,
which has reigned
for a long time time in our souls

© Gordana Andonovska
Macedonia 🇲🇰


by Mihail Tănase

It seems I did not exist
It seems that I was not a tace
of the air
an echo coming from another era.
Only your silence
reminds me of myself,
only the wild horses,
who graze my feet
can understand a heart
that is a wound now …
It seems I did not exist;
It seems I had not existed
as a remembrance;
Turned with my sight
to a shadow …


Like a sad song of love
A broken melody of true love
Who am I to say true love always wins
What if it’s fast on a one way street?

What if a broken heart doesn’t mend?
Love does shed true hearty tears of hurt
Yes love isn’t meant to shed any tears
It’s born out of love peace and happiness

Can true love makes my heart bleed?
Yes it can, yes it’s not meant to shed tears
I’m in love with a broken hearted girl
Oh how I wish she’d let me in!

She wants to be loved again we’re in love
His ghost is saying no, she’s my broken
©Lungi Shigo Msusa


By Selma Kopic

We are not all given the same fate,
some simply realize it too late.
The most important of all
is knowing how to get up when you fall.
We collect scars as memories,
each carrying a story and a new experiences.
That’s why it’s unnecessary to cry,
whoever says that there are none, lies.
We shouldn’t hide them
not even when they overwhelm us.
They should be mentioned
as lessons learned.
The scars we wear are a sign
that we are fulfilling the life line.
They are like day and night,
happiness and sorrow.
When we think it’s over,
a new day is coming tomorrow.

Before You Go

Written by Sushant Kumar B.K.
From Gulariya, Bardiya,Nepal

My dear, before you go
Take a box if you can
And fill all memories in
That come my way:
Your painting in my heart
Your perfume in my mind

I’m so feeble to open door
Of my heart to let you go
You also do that yourself
Also pray with God
To make me strong enough
Before you go
So i may never ever shed
Tears in my eyes and cry
Like exactly what i mind not
To see changing seasons

Love letters our way

I’ve been writing love letters since he left,
but those letters were never sent.
I am waiting for a love letter
that may never arrive,
but I will wait as long as I live.
When love is forbidden,
letters are forbidden, too.
That we mustn’t love each other
and that it will hurt, we knew.
But the love we once had is still in us.
He composes songs in which I can hear
his longing voice.
While playing ballads,
his guitar cries.
In my poems
he can read the love from each verse
and feel that each poem is soaked with tears.
It is our way of writing love letters
so that our threads of love
are invisible to the eyes of others.
We correspond secretly
in rhythm and rhyme,
and our love remains
recorded for all time.

Selma Kopic

অমল প্রকৃতিরতপন রায়

অমল প্রকৃতির
তপন রায়

আকাশই থাকো, নীলা।
নীল দিয়ে, নীল নিয়ে
আমি সাগর থেকে যাই।
তোমার পুষ্পমৌনতা
আমার স্নিগ্ধ মধুর।
এতোদূরে থেকে একদম
স্পর্শকাতরতা থাকতে দাও,
সজীব,নির্জীব ভরাসংসার
তোমার আমার।
কেউ স্বাচ্ছন্দ্যে স্বচ্ছল,
কেউ নিঃস্ব।
জীর্ণ শরীরে শীর্ণ কুটির,
কেউ বা দারিদ্র আঘাতে
উদ্বাস্তু নির্ধন।
দেখে তোমার মাতৃনয়নে
অদৃশ্য মনব্যথা অশ্রু ,
পুরুষ হয়েও বাধ্য চুপ,
নিরুপায় আমি।
আলো হেরে যায়,
বাতাস পরাজিত হয়,
জলাশয়ে মনগড়া শাসন,
ভাবি-,ভালই ছিল আদিমতা,
ছিল যে সাম্যবাদ।
এ ভাবনা ভেবে কী হবে বলো,
এযে অতীত, একেবারে বিলীন।
এখন বইছে যে হাওয়া, সেই হাওয়ায়
থেকে প্রকৃত প্রকৃতি পুরুষ হয়ে সদাচোখে
নতুন স্বপ্ন রেখে চলছি যেমন, চলতে থাকি।
একদিন দেখো,-
আসবেই অমল প্রকৃতির সাম্য পৃথিবী।

Tapan Roy

Let’s realise what we need

          By Imdadul Islam   India

Compassion begets compassion,
Cordial greetings highly amuse,
Malevolence begets destruction,
Let’s think what we should choose.

Our selflessness builds the society,
Sympathy breaks mind’s bondage,
Antipathy produces lack of solidarity,
Let’s think what we should choose.

Friendship produces amity,
Well conduct makes others pleasing,
Hatred spreads antipathy,
Let’s think what we should choose.

Fraternity makes unity,
Assistance makes well bond,
Bigotry destroyes a society,
Let’s realise what we’ve the real need.


Golden moments already in grave since long
Ask me not how they got lost or disappeared
How they missed their status in
Time’s broad street
I know the knowledge is far-fetched beyond my reach

How I can trust them in this thick shades of distrust
Clasping me hard from all corners
The helplessness of the soft flowers seems unfair
With the updated status sans practical sense to defend themselves

Me an unchangeable soul changing with the pace of time
Now shattered into pieces…
Totally lonely in this vast world of mankind
In absolute darkness devoid of Humanity.

©® Dasharath Naik

The Life Teacher

The quest for life began in true light to survival, envisaging an unseen future in a way not really comprehended. And gradually, future bridges come into construction as humans engage in cultivating a habit of learning towards surviving an unforeseen moment.
Numerous challenges were embattled and the likes of vilification among heterogeneity debased many intellectuals in presence of high brow, equality became a war of thought as many in this regard do not comprehend even at the expense of having such life, an euphemistic approach is used to destabilized human minds and this took a long time before it was been discovered, and thus, various researches that are viable thought really stabilized learning process.
For this reason, it becomes imperative to ascertain the best approach which is everlasting to future generations to perfect a lifetime through a sense of veracity among peaceful great minds.
The future of nationhood is very paramount in terms of survival as everyone engages in the quest of living. There are various faculties of knowledge that are vast and versed in learning and this prompt and encourages people to develop a sense of discipline which will guide them in a lifetime. It of no doubt that some are faced by ripples of life which is a big challenge to human that does not comprehend it when it comes their way, therefore, it is a great deal to great minds to stand relevant to humanity calls and these had been a sense of salvaging others in faculty growth irrespective of background to have sane education rather than fall a victim of circumstance since life is full of an irony.
More so, an augury of an incessant bad communication process through humans having such a sense of reasoning ideology towards survival which had deeply ruined brains in developing positively becomes a cumbersome challenge in education discipline, therefore stirred up relevant brains in so many faculty of reasoning as literature is as always as life itself.
Ends, as a great learned teacher of great minds that comprehends an antithesis of life, it is a fulfilling path to have bestowed and impart positive knowledge which will salvage lives from generation to generation without going astray.

Author/Poet: Ambassador Folajimi Notch Shoaga
All Rights Reserved
September 27, 2021