Biography Maruf Sheikh

Maruf Sheikh, a „dark-minded thinker”, was born on Tuesday, October 8, 1991, to a middle-class family. He is the youngest son of parents. Baba was a freedom fighter and an officer as chief superintendent / chief chemist. Under the Bangladesh Chemical Industries, in the residential area of ​​Maruf Sheikh’s birthplace, in the officers’ colony of the North Bengal Paper Mill, in the D3 building, he was a quiet writer from an early age. She was inspired by her father’s writing, and her older sister sang. Seeing all this, he started writing from a young age in class five. When he got up in class six, he lost his father forever. Since then no relatives have come to cooperate in their day of danger. Maruf Sheikh seemed to realize „What is pain, what is loneliness? How much does reality like to peek? Why are people so lonely? Why this vengeance and neglect and selfishness? Is this the main pillar?” He started writing poems in local and daily newspapers. He was loved by journalists as a human being. Then in 2016, a lyric poem written by him was released in the first song album. The album of songs was the solo album of Shraddhey Rupel Islam, the singer of Bangladesh BTV. The song number 10 was written by Maruf Sheikh. In 2021, he was honored as the „Ambassador of World Peace” by the International Taiphas Literary Department and the International Writers’ Forum. Among international poets, he was awarded the „Golden Pledges” by Syrian international writer Daniel’s blogger, and among Syrian poets. Samar Bhowmik also honored him according to the certificate. People seek the habit of living around their loved ones at the turn of life. But when their loved ones leave Maruf Sheikh unattended, he is alone, but he is happy to be in the crowd of the outside world. Michelle Araujo de Silva Maria, a Brazilian citizen who was loved by the author, was lost by the author due to his mistake, and the author continues to search for Michelle, a Brazilian citizen, through his poems. He is honored by the Albanian Literary Department.

He is basically a real speaker, a tragic love story that makes his writing startling. He was highly educated, graduated from Dhaka University with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Bangla, was a candidate for the 52nd convocation of Dhaka University. He studied Commerce all his life. She is a mother fan. He is a simple man. He has lived in the city all his life and grew up in a residential area because of his father’s job. His grandfather’s home is in Rajshahi, he is currently working. Ishwardi, Pabna is his own home.

Poetry: The Expectation
Dark-minded thinker poet: Maruf Shaikh🇧🇩

One day ,
Come to the threshold of this dark mind;
Your light shadow will reach.

The surroundings are very dark.
I can not get rid of the vacuum –
I live with the body of light.
I can not see the appearance of smoky bags.
Live like this permanently ….

Nevertheless, darkness reaches the threshold of the mind,
Someone’s foot suddenly stops.

One day ,
Come to the threshold of this dark mind;
Your light shadow will reach.

This hope is far from the mind;
The mind wants to see the end,

That one day I will see you up close.


Glow, you are my lady
You are fire and light
A marine pearl,
Strong castle,
Soft herb…
Do not be broken
My book of Love,
Aromatic flower,
A country inhabited by whoever befits you…
You are the first of the alphabet,
You are a lush garden,
The seed to my life ..
Life is
The most beautiful dresses are
The land is
You give birth and raise the future…
You are the moon and its light…
Spring and its blossoms…
You cry at joy…
And laugh at the pain…
You are silent in front of those you love ..
Tolerance seeking peace.
All life is
You ..
Women are the sisters of men.
A purebred free bird…
Flying with unrelenting dignity…
Her heart is wild to human powers.
A heart that never lives ..
The sunlight,
You ..
The keys to the world
Oh man ..
Take her hand ..
Because she is your mother ..
Your sister ..
Your Sweetie..
Your lover ..
And your daughter ..
Our life

Laila Murad
Syria (kurd)

Black letters

Humans love each other, and my love transcends the limits of nature
I madly adore black letters who stole myself from me for a while
And I stay in that place. Do you remember that, letters?
That vanished corner inside us
When the conversation between us was lengthy and not boring, when passion was stealing our eyes. When telepathy was the exchange between us .. reading was a pleasure … and the book was a picnic
A second world parallel to ours devoid of all impurities is very pure
From the trivialities of human beings … those who ran after the materialities of life carry their barefoot minds inside skulls that rode on bodies devoid of feelings
There our beautiful world was absolutely free and everything was realistic
It touches the essence of the truth, saturated with sincere feelings, where honesty was our title because there is no room for deceiving ourselves … When love is real, black letters, a phrase is written on his forehead .. sincere, there is no room for treachery ..
In our world, O letters, loyalty is one of the rules of love, a clause approved and sealed and signed from pure hearts that do not bear the grudge of love and peace whose title is
In our world, dear, the letters of justice are prevalent and the master of the situations

Dr. Malak Nora Hammadi

The song of love and friendship

(Giovanni Teresi Italy)
We sing through the streets of the cities,
in the din of the cars,
the song that gathers the people
in the friendship choir
turning off the signs of futility.
We sing, in cheerful notes,
the love in unison
among the silences of indifference,
in the desert of the soul.
We sing the good in chorus
that envelops with pure beauty
what God willed
creating in gentle nature,
by the soft colors of the dawns
and in the darkness of the nights:
men, women and children
along the paths of peace.
Let’s sing for it to happen,
in joy,
the brotherhood of true friendship.
Friendship offered by a simple smile,
from a tender caress,
from an affectionate kiss
to the people of different nations,
to old grandparents, to parents,
to naive children:
our hope, our future.
So let the harmonious notes soar
on the staff
of a different band.

Giovanni Teresi



Selectable, top-notch
Springs of gaiety
Shining steps from
The stars
Carefully speeding
Running in the rain
Peaceable, courageous
Stepping with grandeur
Finest steps
Merrymaking steps
Suitable cheers
Romantically, giggling
Such a beauty
Nervously, laughing
Step-by-step, beginning to dance

Jean C Bertrand

Port -au -Prince

Sapphire blue realm !!!

Sapphire blue realm in the mind
There all are reflected the bluish verse

The azure holds only sparkling diamonds
Reflection of the dreamy zone

The ground makes the crescent zone
Royal essence touches soul

The rock makes the bluish staircase of gemstones
Blushing all sites within mirror for mind’s satisfaction

The ocean looks such a wonderful view
No painful verse only the merriness shower

A long distance the sanguine sun may wait
Try to hide but can’t escape

Shimmering the golden shades
Paradise of peaceful birth

Sapphire blue casts such a majestic verse
Dear heart can’t hold back just surrender

(C) Afrose Saad

Pic courtesy- Phyllis Banberger

I Am A Brave Soldier

I’m a brave soldier
I have got a battle to win
And always remember
I have to remain determined

I really turned my heart into scare
When heard the sound of gun boomed
Dragged my ear in to the atmosphere
As if a town was marching to a graveyard

We all bobbed up belly wise
„This is not a battle for the fainthearted”
We both have to be willing to render the sacrifice
Our sacrifice determine the life span of being legend

Far away from abode
Lost in another man’s territory
With cold bloodied
No person can hold a father’s fury

All said it was time
A time to move and search
Searching for a new territory to claim
In the midst of our search

Our banners raised with songs of attack
No retreat,no surrender
I must be on track
Because I am a brave soldier

I ask for freedom for the ones that left
Everything has to go peacefully one day
No I am not in the state of deft
So accept it with a graceful say

The times of pain and days of sorrow
I still keep the faith
For who has left was no less than a hero
Someone who carved his own fate

Don’t sing any song for me
As I may not care
Don’t cry for me
I am a brave soldier with no fear!…



I will not leave you

Sleeping! Oh my god! woke up with a call to see!
Fear! I’m Kulsum, you think the door is closed,
How did I get in! You gave me this opportunity!
If you fall in love at first sight
I am so fascinated by my looks that,
You can’t hold yourself back –
If you get married in just three days!
My father is poor, can’t give anything
All told, you don’t want anything,
All love is over before the end of the year!
Everyone in the house agrees with the new punishment
Dowry is not received. I also have to endure
One day he kicked hard to protest,
My three-month-old baby did not think anything in the stomach!
Gradually your injury increased
Double my protest. Diameter,
Kicking you in the stomach and head
I fell, bloody in the blood!
When the soul goes to me
When poison is poured into the mouth,
To save themselves –
When I told my father, I had a little argument
I committed suicide by consuming poison !!
Fighting all over the area!
Everyone knows,
Only parents say poor –
If you survive on the strength of money!
And notable people in the area
To save the honor of his father,
Asked to solve the greed of money –
Parents did not agree to seek justice from the law!
There was no benefit!
Just stuck for a few days,
I don’t need law, I don’t need a court.
I will finish you !!
Busy arranging a new wedding!
Will not fulfill your dream,
What do you think? I have no existence, no power?
These are your beliefs !!
You can say I came with that power,
You see what it is in my hand –
You bought new sari for your new wife!
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.
To avenge the punishment and suffering of crime,
No restrictions –
Stay hanging like this until morning!
I see your locals, the people of the house, the law of the land!
How can they prove that I am your murderer!
I know this will also send you to the postmortem as suicide –
Wounds will hurt your beautiful body!
Your relatives will cry in the same way!
The way I cried,
There will be no solution –
Then your beauty and arrogance will continue

By Juli Haque Dacca

Heart beat

I like the roar of the waves
But I’m just a rock
On the shore of the sea

You may love the waves of the sea
But they are only throwing stones

They return to their original place
Where the mermaid lives

They ask, how do you write so well?
I replied innocently. „With love and peace”
You cannot live well unless you love
Find a soul that loves with great love
Is the heart beating fast?

The golden pearl is hidden
Somewhere in the heart of Matsyangri
I also want to drown in deep water
From where love gives birth to a new life
The heart is not shivering

By Farhan Anjum

Atrapada en mis otoños

De pronto salen del cajón pensamientos, imágenes, recuerdos que se han mantenido empolvados e inmemorables.
Hoy, que me habitan los otoños, luce mi piel ya quebrantada, mis huesos duelen, mi caminar se torna lento a tal extremo que el andar en bicicleta se hace un reto.
Llorar cuando el sentimentalismo estruja fuerte nuestro pecho, tratando de estirar las olas del mar besándose al cielo, sabiendo que nuestro futuro se visualiza con mirada cansada.
He vivido el dolor de mis amigos que han marchado, otros nos quedamos en la fila rogando para lograr invisibilizarnos … Y me aprieta la nostalgia de mis décadas de otoño.
Quizás hice cosas de las que ahora me arrepiento, o dejé de hacer muchas de las que ahora me lamento.
Cuando nos llegan los otoños y se tiñen los cabellos de escarcha es cuando pensamos que ya vamos de caída, que muy pronto nos llegó el cumpleaños que nos marca que nos estamos poniendo algo añejos. ¡Pero no es así!
Nuestra juventud la carga el alma y, aunque debo de admitir que ya no soy la misma mujer, que ahora me duermo temprano, que deseo que el día no acabe, que extraño más a mi familia porque me siento mayor, sí, esa edad que no advertí tan pronto en mí, la edad de mis otoños.
Ahora respiro profundo entendiendo que todo viaja muy rápido, que el mayor tesoro acumulado es mi salud, mi trabajo y la experiencia que hoy deseo dejar en ti.
¡Vive!, no des espacio a la duda de soñar, no dejes que llegue tu otoño para iniciar, la vida se pasa pronto debemos vivir todas las estaciones.
En cada una de ellas hay vitalidad, amor, fantasía y esperanza, ¡vive, ríe, sueña, disfruta!
Nadie dijo que en una de ellas moriríamos, anda, tratemos de dejar con voluntad un buen legado a nuestros hijos, padres, abuelos, amigos, ¡vive!
Recuerda que es hermoso salir de casa y divertirse, pero más lindo es regresar sabiendo que alguien nos espera.
¡Vive sin hacer alarde de tus logros, comparte con el más necesitado, abraza fuerte a quien la mano te extiende y no taladres por detrás la confianza!
Cuando los otoños llegan el corazón se acelera, el perfume de la mañana lo sentimos puro, nos da por salir a la lluvia mojarnos, ¡hasta amar con más intensidad!
A mis amigos del alma que un día fueron como yo, les bendigo, aún tengo remotas imágenes, algunas fotografías memorables de nuestra niñez y juventud, pero, ¿saben?… mis otoños me alcanzan , solo deseo vivir un tiempo más, ahora el reloj corre a toda prisa, no pensé que ser mayor me tomaría las lágrimas que ahora dejaron regado el verano, el invierno me mojó, la primavera se asoma de acuerdo a mi espíritu, pero, hermanos, el otoño ahora se aparca en mi puerta, el temblor de mi tiempo lo ha dejado pasar y sentarse a conversar conmigo un rato.
¡No dejes que te lleve sin luchar por esta vida que aun con todo su dolor no deja de ser maravillosa!

Clara Sánchez
Costa Rica
Dr del Instituto Cultural Iberoamericano para Centroamérica 2021